Brief book review – How to Self-Publish and Market a Children’s Book

A writer friend bought this for me as a gift and it’s such a welcome one. I wish I’d read it before I published my two recent books.

The best thing about this book is that it comes directly from the author’s personal experience of publishing her own children’s books and it shows in every page. In a way it’s a little bewildering, not through lack of clarity but from the amount of detailed information, useful comments and valuable pointers.

This is an excellent resource for anyone considering publishing their own children’s book.

Another great review

This one appears on Amazon UK and I couldn’t ask for a better one.

“From the opening chapter, the four Quads are given their own distinct personalities, with the same being true of the other characters introduced throughout the book. Whilst the initial introductions put broad brush strokes on the characterisations, additional details appear naturally in the narrative, giving the characters real depth. Even the villains are not painted as simply bad for the sake of it, proving to be well-rounded individuals by the end.”

New novel now available!

My illustrated children’s novel, The Quinton Quads and the Mystery of Malprentice Manor, is out on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

When the four Quinton girls discover strange events taking place in Malprentice Manor, they immediately link it to recent disappearances and become determined to solve the puzzle.
But to do so they must risk angering their mother, take desperate chances and avoid both Grisly Gus and Evil Edith.
What they discover leads the quads into great danger so they gather all their nerve and wits and hope they can unravel the centuries old mystery at the heart of the Manor.

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